Ace Mind Technology

Web Development

In 21st century, every business needs to have a website. Even if you want or not, having a website says a lot about your credibility of business. Moreover, a good website builds your brand because it is the first thing that people will check if they want to know more about you. Therefore, having a professional website speaks volume about your brand. At Ace, we build professional websites according to the clients’ requirement. Let your website do all the talking about your business. Also, it builds relationship with your customers. Choose us for all your web development requirements, and we promise an excellent website with your domain.


CMS: Content Management System

Content Management System is the soul of any website. As it is truly said that “Content is the king”, the management of the content is quite a task. Managing the content from a central interface is allows it to be used any which way you want to be. The main task of CMS is to organize the data content on the website systematically. Storage and organization of files is also included in the CMS processes. It includes publishing, indexing, abstraction, format managing, and retrieval. A proper CMS can make your website really worth its value.

E-commerce portal

E-Commerce Portal

E-Commerce is the future of shopping. More & people are buying products online as it is convenient to buy with just a click, and at much reduced rates. It is estimated that E-Commerce market is yet to reach its full prospective, and it has untapped potential can be boon to the businesses. India is one of the fastest E-commerce markets in the world, and investing in E-Commerce portals is not such a bad idea. At Ace, we have expertise to build E-Commerce Portals with all bases covered, just as you need.

Ace Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps

What is the first thing that you look for before moving out of the house? Of course, it’s mobile phone. Major chunk of online businesses develop their own apps to be in the pockets of customer forever. Mobile applications convert your leads in a great way, and you can even stay in touch with your target audience on the go. All you need is a mobile application. We at Ace develop clutter-free mobile apps for all platforms, Android and iOS. You can put your mobile app developed by us on App Store or a Play Store, which can help you create your brand.